Trial Documents

Justin Ross Harris Doc’s


Jodi Arias Trial Doc’s

Minute Entry Regarding Appeal

Minutes Regarding Sentencing

In Chamber Discussion-Jodi Arias 10/30

Objection to Defendants Motion for Mistrial– New one from Juan

Judge Stephens Denies Request To Dismiss DP – Her ruling

Jodi Arias Transcripts From Secret Testimony– Prt 1 (Az Family)

Jodi Arias Transcripts Part 2

Judge Orders Transcripts Be Unsealed

Minute Entry for 1/5/15

Minute Entry for 1/2/15

motion– Motion to Preclude Witness

Juan’s objection to the supplemental motion for dismissal of charges

motion to interview Bryan Numeister’s employees


Defense Motion to Dismiss DP 12/14/14

Defense Motion To Reconsider Nov. 26th 2014

Media-2 Nurmi-0

Oct. 23rd Minute Entry for JA

Oct. 22nd Minute Entry for JA

Oct. 21st Minute Entry for JA

Road Trip For Defense

New Trial and Hearing Date

Minute Entry To Dismiss Death Penalty…..Source ABC15

Minute Entry Regarding Witness etc.

Minute Entry For Camera Ruling

Jodi Arias No Longer Rep Self Minute Entry

Motion for sanctions against Jodi Arias   Source:

Jodi Arias Hearing Over Delay

Motion for Reconsideration DENIED

Jodi Arias Representing Herself Minute Entry

Jodi Arias July 11 Minute Entry

Motion to Reconsider and Re-Urge Request for Evid Hearing -Jodi Arias

 Jodi Arias Camera Request Ruling

Jodi Arias Minute Entry Reset Oral Argument Date

Gabriel Gaeta Doc’s (Janise Wright Case)

Gabriel Gaeta Probable Cause Report

 Bryan Hulsey Trial Doc’s

Bryan Hulsey Minute Entry for July 24th

 Bryan Wayne Hulsey Minute Entry May 8th, 2014


  1. Anonymous

    The most disgusting, non sense trial ever on the docket, embarrassing and very, very costly
    to the ppl there in Arizona, this judge NEEDS to be disbarred, it’s obvious JSS is letting that
    SKANK control the court and should have been over yrs ago ! JSS needs to step up to the plate
    and give justice where it’s due to Travis and his family !

    1. Debilu

      I concur!!

      1. Anonymous

        Damn right!!!!!!!

    2. Anonymous

      Stop The MADNESS!
      Enough is Enough

    3. Anonymous

      Wow, couldn’t have been said any better. A disgrace.

    4. Anonymous

      Amen to everything you said ! ss isn’t worth capital letter’s bc she’s the MOST INEPT, BIASED so-called judge there has EVER been. She has shown all the attention to those
      defence idiot’s, costing that state over $3mil, delaying every session bc the defence want’s it. This trial should have been over yr’s ago letting a convicted murderer run the
      Courtroom, sell thing’s from jail, call the prosecutor a liar, refusing to answer question’s.
      This has been the WORST trial to ever hit a courtroom and it’s all bc of an inept judge ss !

    5. Jaker

      The Judge is the Judge in this trial & you people are just the looker ons…but I agree with you all that this trial is a joke. In the sense that it was the most biased trial against a defendant probably in all of American history, (& you commenters writing comments here with such hate are as much a part of that).

      Miss Arias, should be released forthwith & freed, if not? She should be given a complete new trial with all the evidence at hand this time & a new Prosecutor to boot, someone who takes the law seriously & is not just there to be a media star & an actor all in one. I don’t care “one hoot” if it is the same Judge, or there’s a change. I just, like many more & there is many more of me, want to see Justice served. But it hasn’t been served up yet in this case & that is the “Truth of the Matter”.

      I don’t care how much this trial cost…I just want everything out in the open & from where I am sitting, “Saint Juan” is not so “Saintly” in this case. He knows this trial hasn’t being one of his grandest proudest moments, he knows the case for the Prosecution isn’t quite as airtight (beyond reasonable doubt) as it should be, because his case against Miss Arias is flawed, the computer deleted, mislaid, or hidden (porn) being part of that My prediction for 2015, is that “Jodi Arias” will get justice & “Walk”!

      Yes, this trial has probably cost too much, but don’t send the bill to Jodi Arias, send it to Arizona State Department, or better still to the one most responsible, Mr Juan Martinez.

      PS. Have a nice day & Happy 2015.

      1. TravisShines

        Jaker – It’s too bad you don’t have the intelligence to comprehend tangible evidence. That is your problem, not Juan’s dear. He has very meticulously cleared through all the smoke screens and mud slinging by the MURDERER’s dt. Justice has been served with the conviction of murder in the 1st degree. Jodi Arias over estimated her ability to pull this off and has had to change her story many times in hoping each one was a little more iron clad than the last from the intelligence of the State Prosecutor, Juan Martinez 🙂

        Happy New Year – Justice for Travis Alexander and peace to the Alexander’s.

        1. Jaker

          Jodi Arias is not guilty of premeditated murder. Period.

          Cleared through all the smoke screens? The only smoke screens to clear are in your & others heads who seem to have been mesmerised by a cacophony of lies & shenanigans by the said Prosecutor. If this crude court case was taken place in any other country that respected the LAW, your man Martinez would be disbarred from ever practicing Law again, your detectives Flores & Melendez, would be fired, arrested & put on trial for corruption & the said Judge, would never ever again be given a serious case to trial, because she has made a pure shenanigans of this one.

          Jodi Arias, didn’t try to pull anything off, she doesn’t need to, because those whose minds haven’t being warped by crooked media/social media childish out-bursts & a hate mix, would know that she is not guilty of premeditated murder & that this trial was/is corrupt in all areas from the moment she was arrested to the present day. That veiled threats are being made against witnesses & that Martinez would say “Mass” in Latin, if he knew he could get a conviction so as he can stay a pin-up/celebrity pompous git.

          But the higher justice that is God, & that you promise to be truthful to in court, when you hold the bible & say, “I swear by Almighty God that the evidence I shall give shall be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth”, at the beginning of trial (has in this case heard only lies) by the prosecution, the Mesa County police & he has also, (God, that is) seen the total disgrace that is the Judge bowing to the bullying of the Prosecutor & forgetting she is the “Judge” in this supposedly “Court of Law”.

          God, will work his own “Miracle” here, “Just you watch in the coming days, weeks.

          She will walk “Free” from this “Hell”!

          1. Max

            You’reeeeeeeeeeeeee…an IDIOT. She’s not going to walk free. She’s already guilty. And if you think stabbing someone that many times, shooting them and then trying to cover everything up after is an innocent person, then you deserve to be in there with her.

          2. TravisShines

            The only lies told Jaker were by the MURDERER Jodi Arias and it would of course be bothersome to the defendant for a very intelligent professional such as Juan Martinez to prove her lies as he did with real evidence. Not one of you Jodi Arias supporters have provided any substantial proof of evidence, nor has her DT. It is what it is because evidence has proven without a doubt that Jodi Arias planned and executed her plan by murdering Travis due to her obsession with him, which is also documented. The media was brought into this by none other then the MURDERER herself as she over compensated in trying to look ‘normal’ and ‘innocent’. Amazing how many people, including her parents, who pointed a finger. It is she who put her hand upon a bible and respected it with lie after lie which was also proven. It’s going to get much worse for her and rightfully so. The maker up above is already guiding justice, hence the Murder in the 1st degree conviction.

            In case you haven’t noticed, your uneducated words are completely irrelevant and real evidence and the court of law isn’t.

            Perryville is the chosen path by the MURDERER and the Alexanders will heal in time while the MURDERER rots in her own hell she created for herself. Jealousy is an evil emotion she allowed to guide her and over estimated her own intelligence- that’s too bad so now she learns, or does she? I personally doubt it.

          3. Anonymous

            Bottom line is she is guilty of overkill out of being jealous travis would take another female on a memorable vacation and jodi wasnt alloud to go. Jodi’s jealousy was so bad; that “over kill” is what she did. When u do that to a human then u get what u deserve. God is watching that shes to be punished no matter what way the circus trial goes. You will see, Jody ann arias and her ninja story with no remorse from the get; will be held accountable! Mark my words. God does not teach us to kill when things dont go our way. Jodi arias and her ninjas are getting what happens when u over kill a human.

          4. Anonymous

            You are a pure IDIOT !!!!
            Skank has ALREADY GOTTEN 1St DEGREE MURDER !!

          5. Anonymous

            What the hell you smoking ……..

          6. Linda Ivey

            Jaker you are such an idiot. How would you feel if that were your brother.No doubt it about you are a hoho supporter.

          7. Anonymous

            Yes it was premeditated,She should of got Death.. The biggest liar besides her mom.. She will not walk you watch and see. Her statement on the 13th she finally told the truth.He was conchus when she slit his throat. You just think if that would of been your brother what would you want?The only way she will walk is to the Death chambers and she can be free Lies were made from defense,Tons of lies.. Your just another Jodi supporter.She is a slut.Killed Travis and went to another mans home a day late and started making out with him.. How Just how do you think she will walk? She is decusting..She will live in hell the rest of her life…

          8. marcy warren

            Wait, what did I just read… I had to put on my glasses to make sure I was reading your post right… Let’s break your post down into FACTS which somehow you have missed… 1st premeditation is formed in an instant, it does not mean minutes, hours, days or weeks IT IS FORMED IN AN INSTANT… So let’s see If she shot him first (which I don’t believe she did) but her story is she shot him first so at what point did premeditation step in? Was it KNOWING that stabbing him 27 times would cause his death AFTER the shot didn’t do the trick? Or was it AFTER she shot him and stabbed him 27 times AND THEN CUT HIS THROAT FROM EAR TO EAR AND ALL THE WAY TO THE SPINE??? Premeditation PROVED… Ok he is dead right? Then who did the killing? She ADMITTED she killed him sooooooo you add PREMEDITATION TO KILLING THIS GIVES YOU PREMEDITATED MURDER… PERIOD… I also know that she WAS IN FACT CONVICTED AND I PROMISE NO JUDGE IS GOING TO OVERTURN THAT RULING AND SHE SLIPPED OUT OF A DEATH SENTENCE BY THE SKIN OF HER TEETH AND AGAIN NO JUDGE IS EVER GOING TO GIVE HER EVEN A REMOTE CHANCE AT RELEASE… well except in a box…and I can’t wait until the (friends) she will make at Perryville accomplish that act…

          9. Anonymous

            There was a MIRACLE !!! YES!! ARIAS REMEMBERED THE KNIFE SLICING HIS THREAT just in time to try and hurt his family more because they had just said they prayed he was unconscious and didn’t suffer that! But she being as vicious a killer as there ever has been!

            Fat chance she will ever get an appeals court to listen to her lies now! She has pulled one too many, and the biggest one of all at the very end.

          10. Anonymous

            Also….Alyce Laviolette was not there to formulate a defense as she noted in her CV that has been update online. Her job, as noted by another avid reader here, was to be an impartial,m professional, that evaluates and gives objective and pertinent facts about testing and information gathered during interviews and the testing. So as to give psychiatric diagnoses and insight into the defendants life and decision making that affects her case , ability to stand trial. While testifying to all TRUTHFUL FACT gathered …..NOT to formulate a planned defense against known facts of a case to benefit a defendant who admits to killing with her own hands in cold blood and wal I ed away with 1 cut finger! Now that is disgusting! Alyce! Really?

      2. Anonymous


        Jodi wouldn’t marry you. She doesn’t like people with poor grammar, she would be constantly correcting you. Besides, either way, she will never see the light of day outside of a prison cell.

      3. sarah

        You are a fool.This woman stalked and murdered her victim because he rejected her. DP or LWOP “forthwith”.

      4. Anonymous

        She has already been convicted nimrod!!!

      5. Anonymous

        She’s already been found guilty numbnuts!!!

      6. Anonymous

        Very nice!

      7. Anonymous

        I am so glad that I can now reply to the dribble you posted. Your prediction was as wrong as your worshiping of a killer. She admitted it, there was no porn, no tampering with the computer, and your idol was the most guilty person ever. Her true colors came out in her final words to the judge. The fog lifted and she had to try and hurt Travis family one last time. I’m glad the trial is over and snakes like you will slither back under their rocks.

    6. Anonymous

      I totally agree!

    7. Mckenzie Robinson

      Stop the Theatrics (court) and get on with it… it’s as if they (court) are getting off on this vicious monster, sexual predator, and send her to hell for all I care, but please give the Alexander Family some closure, yes some cause they will never, never get over the fact that this loser of a woman did to their wonderful brother, son, grandson, friend. A life cut way to short due to this hideous monster…

    8. Lynda

      she should of been put to death life is too good for her gives her time for sex and manipulating the guards

  2. Linda

    You are so very right and now to allow her a convicted murderer to go back to the scene of the crime to tromp around is totally un called for. Now Wilmont reusfes to give witness list to Juan says he will have to take it up with the defendant in court. How is this at all to Juan

    1. Anonymous

      Correct! as should reimburse State of Arizona taxpayers every penny. SHE’S RESPONSIBLE for handing this trial over to arias and her minions. Prosecutor no chance to cross witness like he’s not even there. Never saw anything like this in all my years! She needs a spine, a brain and a conscience. She is as shameless as Arias and entire defense and their entourage. Wilnot takes this trial personally and doesn’t hide it. You can tell by the way she silently mouths off at Prosecutor and the venom in her eyes. Numnot uses dirty underhanded practices like he uses to defend pedophiles and rapists! Ss is a whimper and should never be allowed on the Bench again. It sickens me to hear her say, ‘miss arias, please take the stand,” dripping with honey!

  3. John W. Fitch

    This time Judge Stephens will do what she should have done with Alyce LaViolette, hold Jennifer Willmott in, “Contempt of Court” for refusing to abide by a Court Order. to provide the state with a mechanism to contact their witnesses. Arias had claimed that her witnesses didn’t want to give their addresses to the state. Jennifer Willmott refused and indicated that the issue would have to be addressed directly with the defendant in court?? I firmly believe that one of the reasons Jodi Arias and her defense team felt that they could defy this court was because nothing was done when Alyce LaViolette: (1) Committed perjury when she falsely claimed that she had testified one or two times on behalf of men in a criminal trial when she had not.(2) Falsely claiming that she was a Key Note Speaker at an event when she wasn’t. (3) Ignored or omitted all evidence that didn’t support her conclusions or contradicted what Jodi Arias’ version of events.(4) Met with the prosecutor on November 14, 2012, one month before the trial started, told him that Jodi told her that she caught Travis Alexander masturbating to pictures of little boys ON THE COMPUTER, that Jodi shot Travis IN THE CLOSET. After her meeting with the prosecutor she immediately went to see Jodi Arias and found out that Jodi told the jury she caught Travis masturbating to pictures of little boys ON THE BED not the computer and that she shot Travis IN THE BATHROOM not the closet. Alyce LaViolette contacted the prosecutor and told that she had misspoke. She then Changed her testimony to match Jodi Arias. (5) Without a shred of evidence that supported or corroborated Jodi Arias’ fraudulent allegations of domestic violence and pedophilia, Alyce LaViolette adopted Arias’ lies and accused Travis Alexander of being a perpetrator of domestic violence and a pedophile. Finally, this is Alyce LaViolette’s updated CV: 2011-2013 Expert Witness. Arizona. Death Penalty Murder Case. Read collateral data, interview client , WORK WITH TEAM TO BUILD DEFENSE, testified for 12 days. ( My Caps ) The taxpayers of Arizona did not paid Alyce LaViolette Thousands of Dollars to “Work With Team To Build Defense.” As a EXPERT WITNESS she had a moral and legal duty to conduct an independent. impartial, objective and unbiased opinion and not ignore evidence which contradicted her opinion. Instead, as her Updated CV and absurd Testimony shows, she was not only dishonest , unethical, and blatantly bias in favor of Jodi Arias, but utterly corrupt. Hopefully the State Of Arizona Prosecutors Office will indict Alyce LaViolette for Fraudulent Misrepresentation, Perjury and taking Funds upper false pretense.

    John fitch at

    1. Anonymous

      I agree!!! Bravo!!!

    2. Myrtle

      I AGREE with you on this Laviolette should have been charged if it was me they would have layed it on me

    3. Anonymous

      I wondered the same thing about indictment. I think that ALV should lose her license to practice. Clearly she saw $$$$$ when this gig came up.

    4. Anonymous


  4. Kelly McFadden

    Hi Jen. It’s like the never ending trial. I don’t even know what to say about this and I won’t use my usual vernacular since it’s your blog. I want to know what Det. Flores wife has to do with anything, has it even been proven it was actually her account or her tweeting? This is just another stall tactic. It is getting to be a bit much.

  5. Debra

    Do you know who the direct message conversation is with? Direct messages are private; they are the ones making them public. The rest of the document is just a whine-fest with issues that were already brought up during trial during the many motions for mistrial. I guess there is no limit to motions for mistrial or to remove the death penalty. I swear Nurmi is wasting time, racking up bills all to spite the judge who has forced him to stay on this case.

  6. Lauren E. Winthrop

    I would like to know WHO paid for the glasses that Jodi Arias put online for sale/sold. If the state, or county paid for them then this convicted killer Jodi Arias does not have the right to profit, even if supposedly she donates said money to charity. She will do anything to gain press, & obtain supposed sympathy. Doesn’t she realize that the majority of people see through her conniving ways, & are well aware of her real personality traits ALL of which she should be ashamed of. She may smirk, smile, or give dirty looks depending on who she is directing them at however, we all know that either way her life HAS BEEN, & is over. She can’t fool anyone anymore, & behind her smile & everything is great look, when she is seen via camera she is truly an extremely shallow, empty, lonely, person who frankly doesn’t deserve to breath the same air as I do. Also after this final phase of her trial is over there will be closure on her, & with each passing day everyone will cease to think about her, which in & of itself will take it’s toll on her oversized ego.

  7. godfrey

    alass latoilet needs to be highly fined and jailed for her prejudice,bias and lying testimony.Her so called fairy tail book should be banned she is highly prejudice.she should not be allowed to work in this field at all.
    she should be working in the soup kitchens helping the poor with way over paid money she scams for.Lets get this phonies book of the shelve and the bias business of this lier shut down and jail it.

  8. Faye

    This trail is controlled by Jodi not the judge, and that is so sad. I’m so happy that I do not live in Arziona, I feel sorry for the people that do live there that have to pay for this sad trail.

  9. Maylene Madick

    She’s controlling this case just like she controlled Travis. I know the judge is doing everything she can to avoid a mistrial (as mentioned previously), but if I lived in AZ, I would get my butt out of that state as soon as I could! Living in jail, selling her “art”, glasses, etc., she probably is raking in more than some of the residents make! C’mon, judge. GROW SOME!

  10. shirley

    The judge needs to be removed period. The cirrus has went to the animals at the cost of the state of AZ taxpayers.

  11. marcy warren

    Please explain to me that 1 1/2 days of testimony (LIES) equates to ((((( 400 )))))) pages of transcripts??? Heck Nurmi CANNOT ASK QUESTIONS THAT FAST… I remember that slow drawn out questioning from the first go round… So how did this get to 400 pages???

  12. mrs.Ruth Matthews

    Death is what she deserves and be put to death within a month after verdict she doesn’t deserve to just sit on death row for years. To come. Travis was brutally murdered he suffered justice for Travis

  13. Kathy Ritter

    Can you please explain the significance of the Omnibus Hearing scheduled for next Friday, January 23 (I think) as it relates to Jodi Arias?

  14. shannon love

    I replied a long comment but dont know where it went

    1. The Trial Diaries (Post author)

      I don’t see it

  15. Mckenzie Robinson

    Good evening to the family of Travis Alexander… you must be so fed up of these theatrical games the courts are playing all the time. I have been watching this horrible senseless murder case from the beginning, and it reminds me of the case of “Casey Anthony” who was accused of killing her 2 year old daughter. So much time went on with this case, a case that should have been open and closed within a month, and finding her GUILTY, but no they played their games and in the end the Jury members were so confused that they let her go… I almost died along with 99% of the American & Canadian society. Thank the good Lord that if Jodi is not sentence to death like she should be, at least she will be in Jail for the rest of her life. Then again, I am so worried, so I cannot phantom you guys how you are holding up… I pray that it all ends very soon, and that our Darling Travis gets Justice, unlike lil Caylee Anthony her young daughter… sending all of you healing vibes. I left my email address, if you would like to share something with me, I would be honored….

    1. carole g.

      alyce la toilet should definitely be charged with all the lies she told under oath. She was so very, very Bias. Take this phony’s so called licence away.
      People, do not go to this lying piece of scum, she only see’s $$$$ signs. On the stand she comes very close to begging for money,saying she did not have enough money in her retirement fund. Give us a break, you phony bitc-. Stay away from this Quack’s so called business,she will rook you in for your money.Lets close her doors to her business. Men beware stay away from this BLACK WIDOW She would never see your way at all. Can you even imagine how many life’s this phony has ruined?
      She sure does not like men in the absolute least.

  16. Anonymous

    jerker,jaker what ever the name.
    Your Toys Are Busted In The Attic.


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