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Foreman juror in Dalia Dippolito retrial says evidence against her was ‘overwhelming’

From a hung jury to a unanimously confident one, the jury foreman in the Dalia Dippolito trial is talking only to WPTV. Six jurors walked out of the Palm Beach County Courthouse Friday, confident about their decision to find Dippolito guilty….
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Former lover turned informant tells jury Dalia Dippolito wanted to poison husband

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (CBS12) —  A bombshell of evidence dropped Thursday during day six of Dalia Dippolito’s murder for hire re-trail. Her former lover, turned police informant, told jurors during cross examination that Dippolito spoke to him about poisoning…
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‘You’re planning a murder!’ — Dalia Dippolito jury hears police recordings

As the video from the Boynton Beach Police station interrogation room played on the courtroom screen Friday, the jurors studied the scene of Dalia Dippolito weeping as an officer said her husband was murdered in the couple’s townhome. After several…
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Dalia Dippolito retrial: Battered women’s expert on witness list

The premiere expert on “Battered Women’s Syndrome” could be taking the stand for Dalia Dippolito in her murder solicitation retrial next month. Attorneys for Dippolito recently listed Dr. Lenore Walker, who wrote the the first book on Battered Women’s Syndrome in…
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Dalia Dippolito wants trial transcripts to show police committed perjury

Murder for hire defendant’s lawyers ask taxpayers to bear copying costs WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. —Dalia Dippolito’s attorneys asked a judge to expedite copying of her second murder-for-hire trial transcript, so they can begin preparing for her third trial in…
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