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Judge loosens terms of Dalia Dippolito’s house arrest, also allows her to attend brother’s wedding

A judge on Thursday agreed to loosen some of the terms of Dalia Dippolito’s house arrest, allowing her to venture anywhere on her mother’s property. As Dippolito awaits her third trial on a 2009 murder-for-hire charge, she has remained on…
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Dalia Dippolito wants to get off 24-hour house arrest. Motion also asks to attend brother’s wedding; brunch

West Palm Beach, Fla. — Lawyers for murder-for-hire defendant Dalia Dippolito filed a second motion to change the conditions of her house arrest, arguing that Dippolito is neither a flight arrest or a danger to the community. The motion requests…
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Dalia Dippolito wants trial transcripts to show police committed perjury

Murder for hire defendant’s lawyers ask taxpayers to bear copying costs WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. —Dalia Dippolito’s attorneys asked a judge to expedite copying of her second murder-for-hire trial transcript, so they can begin preparing for her third trial in…
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