Jury won’t hear allegations that Dalia Dippolito worked as an escort

The state has agreed not to present evidence that Dalia Dippolito was working as an escort or call girl when she met her husband, whom she is now charged with trying to have murdered.

 Prosecutors will also not present evidence that Dippolito allegedly tried to first poison Michael Dippolito with anti-freeze or Freon in his tea.

According to text messages obtained by the state during Dippolito’s first trial in 2011, she was texting men with lurid messages while married to her new husband, setting up meetings and also arranging appointments for other women to meet clients.

Michael Dippolito told prosecutors he met Dippolito when he hired her as a call girl, but they hit it off and soon married.

Dippolito’s defense filed an unopposed motion saying the information is irrelevant to her charges of solicitation for murder, and it designed to paint her in a bad light.

They said there was also no strong evidence that she tried to poison her husband, just unconfirmed testimony from her former lover.

The defense is also asking for six more preemptory challenges to the jury pool, saying the six they are allowed will not be enough given the enormous publicity the case has garnered over the past eight years.

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by Terri Parker

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