Judge: Third Dippolito jury can hear about gun, not poison

With the third trial in Dalia Dippolito’s murder solicitation case a little more than a week away, a judge decided a number of disputes over what jurors should and shouldn’t hear while attorneys on both sides set up for a battle over the expected testimony of an expert on “Battered Women’s Syndrome.”

Palm Beach County Circuit Judge Glenn Kelley in a pretrial hearing in Dippolito’s case on Wednesday decided among a number of other rulings that he would allow jurors to hear claims that Dippolito tried to steal her lover’s gun in hopes of using it to kill her then-husband, Michael, in 2009. Kelley also ruled on several other issues in preparation for June 2, when the first group of an expected 300 potential jurors will begin the screening process to become part of a six-member panel that will hear evidence in the case.

By the end of the hearing, Kelley, Assistant State Attorney Laura Burkhart Laurie and Dippolito attorney Greg Rosenfeld sparred over everything from claims that Dippolito had previously tried to get a Riviera Beach gang member to kill Michael Dippolito to a now-deceased Dippolito boyfriend whose text messages became part of the first trial.

Rosenfeld and Laurie agreed that they wouldn’t tell jurors about allegations that Dalia Dippolito tried to poison her husband’s Starbucks drink with antifreeze or that she had allegedly been researching funeral homes at the time of the plot.

Both parties also appeared to agree that jurors shouldn’t hear evidence that Dalia Dippolito previously worked as an escort, but Laurie told Kelley she might need to get a mention of it in during the trial depending on how the testimony unfold.

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By Daphne Duret


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