Dalia Dippolito wants trial transcripts to show police committed perjury

Murder for hire defendant’s lawyers ask taxpayers to bear copying costs

Dalia Dippolito’s attorneys asked a judge to expedite copying of her second murder-for-hire trial transcript, so they can begin preparing for her third trial in June.

Greg Rosenfeld said they were using the transcript to help them impeach witnesses in her up-coming trial.“We’re going to need the transcripts to impeach all the state’s witnesses to establish that some of the officers did in fact lie under oath, and we believe committed perjury, based on evidence we found,” said Rosenfeld after the hearing.

Rosenfeld and co-counsel Brian Claypool argued in her last trial that she was set-up by an over-zealous Boynton Beach Police Dept., hungry for fame and eager to provide a good episode of reality TV for the show Cops.

They have also filed motions asking that Dippolito be found indigent, so the county will front the estimated $10,000 copying costs.

Judge Glenn Kelley said Dippolito has already been declared indigent during her first trial in 2009, and agreed to have the county pay for the transcript. However, he noted that county court reporters are deluged with work, and there is no need for the transcript to be extradited – that it will be ready in 6-8 weeks, well ahead of her trial.

Rosenfeld said Dippolito is not allowed to work on house arrest, and estimated the cost to taxpayers of her third trial to be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Her defense has been critical of the State Attorney’s Office for pursuing a third trial after her second trial in December ended in a hung jury. Her first trial did end in a conviction and a 20-year sentence, but was overturned due to a jury selection technicality.

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