Dalia Dippolito wants to get off 24-hour house arrest. Motion also asks to attend brother’s wedding; brunch

Lawyers for murder-for-hire defendant Dalia Dippolito filed a second motion to change the conditions of her house arrest, arguing that Dippolito is neither a flight arrest or a danger to the community.

The motion requests that Dippolito remain on GPS monitoring, but that instead of 24-hour in-house arrest, that she be allowed to leave her mother’s house from 8 am to 6 pm.

It also asks that Dippolito may attend her brother’s wedding, rehearsal dinner and family post-wedding brunch.

And it asks that Dippolito be able to go anywhere on her mother’s property, not just the back patio.

Lawyers argue that house arrest should be reasonable, and since they maintain Dippolito is not a flight risk nor a danger to the community, her conditions while awaiting her third trial should be relaxed.

The rest of the house arrest conditions remain the same, except lawyers want Dippolito to be able to attend church and appointments at any time as long as she has prior Sheriff Office approval.

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