Dalia Dippolito retrial: Battered women’s expert on witness list

The premiere expert on “Battered Women’s Syndrome” could be taking the stand for Dalia Dippolito in her murder solicitation retrial next month.

Attorneys for Dippolito recently listed Dr. Lenore Walker, who wrote the the first book on Battered Women’s Syndrome in 1979, as a possible defense witness.

The move comes just two weeks before the anticipated third trial in Dippolito’s case involving her caught on camera alleged plot to have Michael, then her husband of six months, killed by a “hitman” that turned out to be an undercover Boynton Beach Police officer.

Defense attorneys Greg Rosenfeld and Brian Claypool offered no details in court records as to why Walker will testify, and lawyers on both sides of the case are under a gag order.

Dippolito’s defense team hinted at claims that Michael Dippolito had been abusive to his now ex-wife at Dalia Dippolito’s second trial in Dececember. But their defense largely rested on claims that Boynton Beach Police officials had forced Dippolito’s former lover to make Dippolito carry out the plot in hopes of impressing a camera crew taping an episode of the television show COPS.

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By Daphne Duret


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